Will Adidas Release The Glitch Football Boot Worldwide Soon?

Officially released in late October 2016, the Adidas Glitch proved to be an instant hit amongst boot enthusiasts and was, amongst others, voted the Most Innovative Football Boot Of The Year in our 2016 Boot Awards. However, since the launch of the Adidas Glitch, many followers asked us when they will be finally able to get their hands on them as they are only available in the UK via an invitation yet, with all other regions missing out so far.

When Will Be the Adidas Glitch Available Outside the UK?

The Adidas Glitch football boot will be available in countries such as Germany, Spain, Italy and the United States soon, as stated on Adidas' website.

When Adidas launched the Adidas Glitch football boots and App, the brand announced that the boots would be also available in other regions such as Europe and North America soon. Since then the Three Stripes did not announce anything new. But there are some indicators that they will be launched in other regions as well very soon.

If you didn't know yet, players from the UK who want to buy a pair have to go to a so-called fitting event in London to choose their perfect size of the shoes. Such an event is every day at different locations in London, which is also likely the reason why it is not so easy for the Three Stripes to bring the Glitch to other markets, at least if they want to keep the current process.

But as the regional Adidas websites in countries across Europe and the US Adidas website state that the app will be available soon, it is fair to assume that the boots will be available in other key markets soon. The first to get them will be very likely players from cities such as Berlin, Madrid, Rome, Paris and New York as those are the next cities to have an Adidas Tango Squad, following up on London's Tango Squad.

Do you also finally want to be able to get your hands on the Adidas Glitch soccer cleat in order to know if they are as revolutionary and good as reported? Let us know in the comments below.
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