Coincidence? This 1994 PSG Kit Looks Almost Exactly Like Barcelona 2017-18

Back when the first info on the Barcelona 17-18 home jersey leaked, quite a few experts were quick to note similarities to a certain Nike design for PSG that released more than 20 years ago. With the final design for the Barcelona top all but confirmed, let's take a moment to explore this theory once again.

PSG 1993-94 Home Kit

This is the Paris Saint-Germain 1993-1994 home jersey, made by Nike in the brand's second year at the club (via

Made by Nike, the 1993-94 Paris Saint-Germain shirt is blue for the most part and features a gradient stripe design as its centerpiece, very much like the new Barcelona top.

The biggest difference between the two designs is that the entire design on Barcelona's kit is much narrower, while the total number of stripes is higher as well. Last but not least, the shades of blue and red used are distinct for obvious reasons.

Apart from that, a striking similarity between both styles can be noticed and it's highly unlikely that this specific PSG classic didn't serve as (at least) an inspiration for the Barcelona 2017-18 home shirt.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments below, and check out more leaked 17-18 jerseys in the Kit Overview.
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