Gareth Bale Receives Camouflaged Adidas X 17 Boots

Gareth Bale is set to return to the pitch in time for the Champions League final and he'll do so wearing a pair of camouflaged Adidas X 17.1, we can reveal.

Bale's Camouflaged Adidas X 17 Boots

Below are a few pictures from the most recent Real Madrid training session.

After the brand already created a highly modified X 16 for the Welshman, it has adapted that creation to fit the design of the X 17, including the latter's trademark polka-dot upper design.

The actual upper, however, is entirely different. Whereas the regular Adidas X 17 comes with loops instead of holes for the laces, Bale's boot features holes. The upper material of Bale's boot is also different to the standard version, and his boots also feature a special extra layer in the toe box area for increased durability.

Finally, the boots boast stand personalization details such as Bale's official logo on the heel counter.

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