Adidas EQT Manchester United Home Shirt Concept by Franco Carabajal

Talented graphic artist Franco Carabajal, inspired by the recently launched Orlando Pirates jerseys, has created a spectacular Manchester United concept home shirt that would sure be a hit amongst the Red Devils' faithful.

Manchester United Home Shirt Concept

This is Franco's Manchester United concept.

Based on the same template as said Orlando Pirates shirts, which is essentially a training top from the Adidas Tango collection (pictured below in some color variations), the jersey offers a no-nonsense look in just red and white.

Inspired by the iconic Adidas EQT line of the 1990s, the 3 Stripes sit on the shoulder in dominant fashion, while the Adidas Performance logo is placed centrally just below the collar.

Unfortunately, whereas South African kit law is quite lax, UEFA and the Premier League's regulations would forbid Adidas to release such a shirt with such huge brand trademarks for Manchester United.

Would you have liked to see a shirt like this for a bigger club (if it was allowed) or should Adidas create new designs? Drop us a line below.
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