300% Growth in 8 Years | 2017-18 Premier League Shirt Sponsor Deals Smash Previous Records

English Premier League clubs have again smashed their own record for combined shirt sponsorship deals, with the 20 clubs generating £281.8 million for the 2017-18 season, a rise of more than £55m on last year, Sportingintelligenc's annual analysis reveals.

Premier League's shirt sponsorships are close to quadrupling in eight years as the 20 EPL teams just generated 72m GBP in total in the 2009-10 season.

2017-18 Premier League Shirt Sponsors - Gambling Industry Dominates

Manchester United's Chevrolet deal worth £47m per year remains the biggest deal in the Premier League. Manchester City's deal with Etihad has leapt to £35m per year via a 'step increase' in their contract while Tottenham's renegotiated deal with AIA has grown to £35m-a-year.

Just as in the last few seasons, gambling companies have a big presence in the Premier League this season with nine out of the 20 clubs playing in this season's Premier League have a gambling company as shirt sponsor.

However, it a rather the small clubs that have gambling companies as main sponsor as the EPL giants such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Manchester City have sponsors from other industries on the front of their kits.

2017-18 Premier League Sleeve Sponsors Not Even Included - Eight Clubs With Aggregated, Not Deal

For the first time in history, the Premier League allows clubs to have a sleeve sponsor in the 2017-18 season. Man City's £10m deal per year deal with Nexen of South Korea is the most valuable deal of its kind in the Premier League by far. Swansea, Stoke, Watford and Huddersfield are among clubs to have deals for sleeves with different firms from their main sponsors. They are worth hundreds of thousands per season, not millions.

Sporting Group International have negotiated with eight clubs to sell an aggregated shirt sleeve sponsorship deal, while they have not sealed a deal yet. Two teams are not able to sign an individual sleeve sponsor deal (possibly Arsenal and Tottenham).

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