Canceled? Adidas Skips Messi 10/10 Day

It's October 11th and Adidas has still not released the Messi 10/10 limited-edition boots, something that was announced as a yearly thing back when the first edition dropped back in 2015. As per Adidas' press release:

The release marks the start of a new tradition of collector's edition Messi boot launches, which will drop every October 10th.

It remains to be seen whether Adidas just moved the release back to a later time or has canceled the 2017 Messi Nemeziz 10/10 cleats altogether.

We think it was a wise move to not hold this event on the exact day Messi and Argentina were battling for their right to play in next year's World Cup.

Although some have been quick to suggest that there won't be any Messi 10/10 boot this year, but we think it's more likely they've just been pushed back a bit.

Stay tuned for updates as we receive them.

Messi 10/10 2017 - What We Know

So, pushed back or no Messi 10/10 at all this year? What do you think? Comment below.
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