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Wednesday, 2 January 2019
Nike will bring the first Nike Total 90 Laser football boot back in the original colorway in 2019. We take a detailed look at the four generations of the Nike Total 90 Laser model. Thanks to Kohei'sBLOG‏ for most of the pictures.

Nike Total 90 Laser Remake Boots Leaked

The first Nike T90 from the Laser series was released in 2007 in a yellow and black colorway. That paint job will be re-released by the Swoosh.

Nike launched the Total 90 series in 2000. The Swoosh released eight different Nike Total 90 boots in total (Nike Total 90 Air Zoom I, II & III, Nike Total 90 Supremacy, four Nike Total 90 Laser models). The Nike Total 90 Laser was launched in 2007 as successor of the Nike Total 90 Supremacy.

Nike Total 90 Laser I

Introduced in 2007, the first Nike Total 90 Laser football boots were headlined by AC Milan's Gennaro Gattuso, Inter Milan's Luis Figo and Wayne Rooney of Manchester United. As Nike found out that 69% of shots on goal are taken from the full instep from a research, the first Nike Total Ninety Laser football boot had a really big 'sweet spot' through unique precision rings – that help control ball spin and trajectory.

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The boot upper with its innovative circular-pattern PowerZone – emblazoned with a "90" and the words "Swerve", "Precision" and "Power" was inspired by visual cues from the ripples that emanate when a stone is dropped in water, according to the designer.

Nike Total 90 Laser II

The Nike Total 90 Laser II soccer shoes were released in April 2008. Nike took a step further in the direction started by the Laser I with the Total 90 Laser II. For the first time, the laces traveled across the entire front of the cleat, albeit they were covered by the plastic guard/tongue hybrid. They were the lightest of the Total 90 boots up to that time, with a heavy focus on being worn by strikers.

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Nike also launched a Kangaroo leather edition and a special water resistant version of the cleats.

Nike Total 90 Laser III

A mix of leather, nylon/synthetics, and plastic, the Nike Total 90 Laser III are likely the most iconic Nike Total 90 Laser boot. The third edition of the Nike T90 Laser football boot series features a specially designed upper comprised of premium lightweight Teijin synthetic leather, renowned for it's durability, and a side lacing system combined with the alternate eyelet holes creates a cleaner kicking surface.

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Nike Total 90 Laser IV

The Nike Total 90 Laser IV soccer cleat was 20 percent lighter than the previous generation, weighing in at round 270 grams. The forefoot area of the Nike Total 90 Laser IV featured a newly configured adaptive shield design and high performance synthetic leather upper for a soft and close to the foot feel. To ensure a perfect strike of the ball, the reconfigured shooting and swerve zones on the instep of the boot were designed to flex naturally as the foot contacts with the ball, amplifying the natural benefits of the foot to strike the ball cleanly.

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The Nike Total 90 Laser IV soccer boot was also the first Nike Total 90 cleat to feature Nike's ACC or "All Conditions Control" technology. The Nike Total 90 Laser IV football boots should be the last boot of the Total 90 boot line as Nike replaced by the silo with the Nike Hypervenom line.

Which is your favorite Nike Total 90 Laser generation? Would you like Nike to bring back the Total 90? Let us know in the comments below.
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