All-New Japan 2018 National Team Logo Revealed

The Japan Football Association (JFA) rebuilt the JFA brand and renewed the visual identity of each business. The rebranding is part of strengthening the foundation to realize the "JFA's promise 2050" listed in the "JFA 2005 Annual Declaration" and the "JFA goal 2030" set for achieving that.

New Japan National Football Team Logo

This is the new logo of the Japanese national soccer team.

The new Japan 2018 logo retains all elements of the old logo. The most remarkable differences are the shape of the logo, the JFA typeface and that the lettering Japan is now included within the badge.

The design of all other important visual logos have been also revamped by the JFA. This includes the referee patch as well as a new unified logo and convention name through conventions of football, futsal and beach football sponsored by JFA.

The activities of the Japan Football Association are divided into four areas, "Organization", "Various Tournament", "Various Projects", "Japan Representatives".

From the press release: "The new JFA 2018 branding is based on the concept of 'universal modernity that continues to be loved over the times,' 'sincere attitude and fair spirit that is universal and constantly face-to-face', 'challenging spirit to growth and development', 'passion', 'all involved It is a universal unified design that expresses importance (Respect)' and ' familiarity, trust, and security'."

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