Manchester United's Fellaini to Sue New Balance for £2.1 Million Because of 'Poor Quality' Boots

Marouane Fellaini is suing New Balance for £2.1million because he claims their boots hurt his feet. The Belgian star signed a four-year boot deal in 2012 but is demanding damages after they walked away from a new £600,000-a-year contract.

Marouane Fellaini received camouflaged New Balance Visaro football boots in November 2016, while he has been lacing up in Nike Tiempo Legend VII football boots since a few moths.

Fellaini to Sue New Balance Because of Bad Boots

Fellaini has switched to Nike Tiempo boots some months ago.

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Fellaini has said in a writ at London's High Court the 'poor quality' boots needed to be 'steamed and stretched' before he could get them on. He also claims that New Balance caused his tootsies "considerable damage" and that he "repeatedly communicated his frustration".

His lawyers say that they are also suing for "loss of enjoyment, inconvenience and impact on performance" caused by the boots. In response, the New Balance's claim in court papers that their client, Fellaini, once described the boots as 'perfect' and ordered 12 more pairs.

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