Nike Future10? Kevin De Bruyne Trains in Blackout Boots

Our reader Nick was kind enough to let us know that Manchester City attacking midfielder Kevin De Bruyne trained in blackout boots recently, swiftly appearing during the club's official video of the training session ahead of this weekend's game against Huddersfield.

Embed from Getty Images

Unfortunately, the footage doesn't allow for a quality look at the blackout cleats, but it would heavily surprise us if they weren't Nike's upcoming Future10 model, which is set to replace the Magista next summer - Nick suggested as much.

Being one, if not the most important player to wear the current Magista silo, it would be odd if Nike didn't consult Kevin De Bruyne during development of its successor, the Future10.

So, what can we say about what is presumably the Nike Future10 10 football boot from these (unfortunately very low-quality) pictures?

First off, the shape of the boot is very similar to the Magista Obra II with its high-collar, almost certainly Flyknit, upper construction. If anything, the shape of said collar is slightly different than on the Magista 2 where it's a bit curved.

Beyond that, it's very tricky to make accurate assessments, so we'll leave it at that for moment, hoping that sooner or later better pictures of the boots worn by Kevin De Bruyne surface...

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