Barcelona 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt Released

It's been in use by the FC Barcelona players for some while, but a relatively late change to its design has meant that the 2018-19 pre-match top wasn't available to buy. This has finally changed and it is now finally in store.

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Nike Barcelona 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the Barcelona 2018-2019 pre-match top.

Predominantly dark blue, the Barcelona 18-19 pre-match jersey is based on the same template as last year's, with a bold Catalan flag print visible on the center front. The back of the new Barcelona pre-match top is solid blue, as are the sleeves.

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The front of the Barcelona 2018-19 pre-match shirt features the Swoosh on the right side in gold, the club crest in its regular colors on the left and a white Rakuten sponsor logo centered further down. Finally, Beko is written across the back of the shirt.

Barcelona 18-19 Pre-Match Shirt - Prototype

Below you can see the prototype design which - for some reason - was scrapped by Nike and the club.

Do you prefer the new, Catalonia-inspired design over the 'crest' look leaked previously? Drop us a line below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.