Insane Picture - The Boots Of Adidas' Players Are Not What We Get

Javi Martínez has posted an image of the Spanish-speaking FC Bayern München 'Adidas Football family' on Twitter, once again showing off that many players are wearing cleats that are very different to those we can buy and somehow revealing how insane the football boots world has become.

In the past few days, we already revealed that Adidas has started to make the Kangaroo leather versions for the Adidas X and Predator 18 solely for their players and stopped releasing them for public.

Javi Martínez, Mats Hummels & Juan Bernat Receive Player-Exclusive Leather Boots

Only boot number 5 is one we can buy...

In total, the image is showing 7 different boots. However, only James Rodriguez's cleat is one we can actually buy as the boots from three of the four players in the picture are exclusive leather versions (just James Rodriguez is wearing a non-leather boot actually available to buy - Mats Hummels got one leather boot with a standard collar - #1 and a lower collar - #2).

Adidas Predator 18.1 Leather Boots - Player-Exclusive (Not available to buy)

Adidas X 17.1 Leather Boots - Player-Exclusive (Not available to buy)

It is logically that Bayern Munich is not the only team whose players receive modified boots. In fact, the same applies for Real Madrid (we have written about it some weeks ago) and actually all other bigger teams.

All in all, we think that it is pretty insane that we are not able to buy what the pros are wearing anymore.

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