Here's the Insane 1990s Jersey That Inspired the Manchester City 18-19 Away Kit

Manchester City's 18-19 away kit (and subsequently the even crazier pre-match shirt) has surprised people with its unique choice of colors.

However, as long-term followers of the club's will have noticed the combination of dark blue, 'volt' and sky blue references one of the key moments in recent club history prior to the takeover by Sheikh Mansour in 2009.

Worn in the legendary 1999 play-off final that saw the club return to the second division, the Kappa 1998-99 third kit has reached cult status amongst supporters.

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Following a decade of bleakness in the 1990s, City had gotten relegated to the third tier in 1998, for the first time in club history. Promotion back to the second divsion was won in the most dramatic fashion possible just one year later. Down 2-0 with 89 minutes played, City scored two to tie the game and later won in penalties.

A second consecutive promotion to the Premier League followed the year after, but City returned to the second division just another year later. It's a far cry from today's Premier League domination days, but it's nice to see the club (and Nike) recognize this part of history.

The Manchester City 18-19 away kit is set to be launched in July 2018.

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