Adidas Gets Smashed For 2018 World Cup Font

Adidas today released the new 2018 World Cup away jerseys for all of their sponsored national teams. The German brand also showed off a picture of Julian Draxler wearing the new Germany 2018 World Cup away jersey that made the waves on social media not because of the design of the jersey but because of the typeface.

Adidas Gets Criticized For 2018 World Cup Typeface

The Adidas 2018 World Cup typeface was already unveiled last November, but it was the new picture of Julian Draxler that made the typeface famous in the internet because of its not nearly perfect distinctness of different letters and numbers....

The Adidas 2018 World Cup typeface is inspired by traditional Soviet imagery. The font has a certain rawness and cutout style to it and doesn't include any sort of roundness.

In fact, many letters of the Adidas 2018 World Cup font can be easily misidentified, and some letters like the Z look exactly the same numbers (2).

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