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Huddersfield Sign Umbro Kit Deal

Premier League club Huddersfield and Umbro today announced they had reached an agreement that sees the traditional English brand become the club's official kit supplier starting next season.

Huddersfield's kits for their return to the Premier League after a long absence where produced by Puma, including the rather shocking Huddersfield 2017-18 home shirt.

Huddersfield Umbro Kit Deal

Having worn the famous Double Diamond as recently as in 2011-12 and 2012-13, Huddersfield will return to Umbro in 2018-2019.

It's been confirmed that the Huddersfield Umbro 2018-19 kits will feature bespoke designs, although the exact release date remains to be officialized.

Huddersfield 12-13 Home jersey by Umbro

The Umbro Huddersfield 2018 kit deal will run for an initial four-year period, while no financial details were released.

“Umbro is known for producing high-quality kits for both international and domestic sides, and our supporters can look forward to unique designs which have been created specifically with them in mind," explained Huddersfield Town’s Commercial Director, Sean Jarvis.

Jarvis also confirmed that Huddersfield and Umbro have already worked on and completed a design process that saw them "finalize what we feel will be very popular home and alternative kits."

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