Insane Kit Clash in West Bromwich vs Tottenham Premier League Match

If you followed today's Premier League match between Wet Brom and Tottenham, you might have had problem sto distinguish both teams... (Thanks to @KitCrimes for the hint)

Kit Clash in West Bromwich vs Tottenham Premier League Clash

It was hard to distinguish both teams because of their jerseys.

Both West Bromwich Albion and Tottenham Hotspur used their home kits in today's Premier League match. As both jerseys feature similar color combinations, it was easy to mix up both team. Could this kit clash have been avoided if Tottenham would have opted for their away / third kit?

No, as the away and third kits Nike unveiled for the club are also similar quite similar to West Brom's kits (the third might have been the better choice). The only good solution would have been a special a special one-off Spurs fourth kit that does not clash with West Brom's white and navy jersey.

What do you think of Spurs' home, away and third jerseys? Are they too similar? hould Nike have released more different Spurs jerseys? Do you think that Premier League should have forced Tottenham Hotspur to release a fourth kit to avoid the clash? Let us know in the comments below.