Be Aware - How To Detect A Fake Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup Kit

Have you missed to get a pair of the Nigeria 2018 World Cup home kit? If so, don't fall into the trap of the fake sellers.

Fake Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup Home Kits Floating Around

Fake vs Real Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup jersey.

Being by far the the most-sought after 2018 World Cup jerseys, the Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kit already sold out after just 3 minutes on So many are trying to get the kit, and there are already many offers on eBay, with many offering fake jerseys.

The most remarkable elements that identify a fake Nigeria kit are the collar - the stripes from the sleeves are seamlessly continued on the sleeves, the white stripe of Nigerian flag is thinner than the green ones.

How to spot Fake Nike Nigeria Kits

- Poor quality manufacturing

- Compare all elements and tags of the Nike Nigeria 2018 World Cup kits with a 100% genuine jersey (e.g. with pictures from this article)

- Real Nike Nigeria Kits Are Usually Not Sold For Less Than 85 USD

- Take a look at other products offered by the seller

However, even if you follow all of aboves steps, there is still a chance that you are buying a fake football jersey. We recommended NOT to buy Nigeria kits now and to wait to see if Nike will restock them...

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