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Umbro Schalke 18-19 Away Kit Released

The Umbro Schalke away kit was revealed earlier today by Umbro and the Bundesliga club. It's already available to buy, whilst home and third kits are set to follow later.

Leaving Adidas after many, many seasons, Schalke gets kitted out by iconic British brand Umbro from the start of the new season.

Schalke 18-19 Away Kit

This is the Umbro Schalke 2018-2019 away shirt.

A modern look inspired by streetwear, the Schalke 2018-19 away jersey is light grey with bright blue trim and a subtle cotton-esque fabric effect.

Umbro's trademark diamond trim features on the sleeves of the new Schalke away shirt, a style that's mirrored by the neck. Schalke's 18-19 Umbro away kit has ergonomically placed side mesh insets.

Shorts and socks in the same color complete the Umbro Schalke 2018-2019 away uniform.

Schalke 18-19 Goalkeeper Away Kit

This is the new Umbro Schalke goalkeeper away shirt.

Schalke's Umbro goalkeeper away uniform is purple, featuring a distinct graphic print on the front.

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