Adidas Argentina 2019 Copa América Pre-Match Jersey + Anthem Jacket Leaked

Update: Better pictures of the Argentina 2019 pre-match jersey have leaked alongside the first ones of the new anthem jacket, which will also be launched for the Copa America 2019.

Adidas will release a stylish pre-match shirt in collaboration with Parley for the 2019 Copa América in Brazil. The Adidas x Parley Argentina 2019 Copa América pre-match shirt is set for a release in Spring 2019.

Adidas X Parley Argentina 2019 Pre-Match Shirt

This image shows the Adidas Argentina 2019 Parley pre-match jersey.

Featuring the same design as the 2019 pre-match shirts of Bayern München, Real Madrid, Juventus and Manchester United) the Argentina 2019 Copa America pre-match top is dark blue and light blue with a modern all-over graphic print.

Just as all Adidas x Parley jerseys, the Argentina 2019 Copa América PM jersey has been made from recycled ocean plastic.

Argentina 2019 Copa America Anthem Jacket

This is the Argentina 2019 Anthem jacket.

The new Argentina Anthem jacket has the same color and is based on the template of the Mexico 2019 Gold Cup one.

The Adidas Argentina 2019 Copa America collection will be released in March 2019. There will also be a new home kit.

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