2019 Copa America Kit Overview: All Leaks & Info

Updated: With new details emerging and the group draw complete, we've decided to one again update the 2019 Copa America Kit Overview.

This year's Copa America, which will take place in Brazil, will bring a number of interesting new kits for the likes of Argentina, Colombia as well as, most notably, a white one for Brazil.

Besides the CONMEBOL contingent, Asian nations Japan and Qatar will also take part as invited teams.

Group A


Brazil 2019 Copa America Home Kit

Nike Brazil 2018 World Cup Away Kit

White Brazil 2019 Copa America Kit

It's the main story so far: for the first time since the famed 1950 World Cup final, Brazil will wear a white kit at the 2019 Copa America. Whereas it was initially expected that the white kit would be the home, we will in the end see it being used as alternative option to the yellow home kit.

The 1950 World Cup, of course, ended as a disaster when Uruguay took the title away from Brazil in the final, leading to the white kit being changed for yellow.


Peru 2019 Home Kit

Peru 2019 Away Kit

New Peru brand Marathon, having taken over from Umbro after the World Cup, released two new kits in early September. Pending a major surprise, they'll be used at the Copa as well.


The most recent Bolivia kit releases were years ago, so we fully expect them to launch a full new set for the 2019 Copa.


Venezuela 2019 Home Kit

Venezuela 2019 Away Kit

Venezuela left Adidas for smaller Italian brand Givova this year and already presented two new kits for the 2019 Copa America U-20. However, after complaints about the design and overall quality of the garments, we might see one or two changes made to Venezuela's kits between now and the Copa America.

Group B


Argentina 2019 Home Kit

Argentina 2018-19 Away Kit

Argentina will receive a new home kit for the 2019 Copa America, which has already been leaked. There won't be a new away jersey.

Adidas Argentina 2019 Copa América Pre-Match Jersey + Anthem Jacket


Colombia 2019 Home Kit

Colombia 2018-19 Away Kit

Just like with Argentina, Colombia will receive a new home kit from Adidas. There is no leaked yet of what is expected to be fairly standard apart from the lettering, which will be red. There won't be a new away kit.


Paraguay 2018 Home Kit

Paraguay released a new home kit in early 2018, and the same one will be used for the Copa America as well.


Qatar 2018 Home Kit

Qatar will use the 2018 home and away kits, which were released by Nike earlier this year.

Group C


Uruguay 2019 Copa America Home & Away Kits

Uruguay's kits are made by Puma. The brand unveiled brand-new home and away kits in March.


Chile 2018 Home Kit

Chile 2018 Away Kit

Chile's kits at the 2019 Copa America will be made by Nike. At the moment it remains to be seen whether there'll be a (or two) new kits launch, but it doesn't look like it right now. The 2018 Chile kits haven't seen much use so far as the team didn't quality for the Russia World Cup.


Japan 2018 Home Kit

Japan 2018 Away Kit

Japan will use the same kits already worn at the 2018 World Cup.


Ecuador last received a new kit set in 2016, so we fully expect them to launch new home and away kits before the Copa America. They will likely once again be made by Marathon Sports.

Which team has the best kits of the 2019 Copa America? Who do you think will win? Comment below.