Croatia & France to Use Home Kits in 2018 World Cup Final + Surprising Belgium vs England Kit News

The kit match-ups for the 2018 World Cup Match For 3rd Place and the 2018 World Cup Final have been revealed.

Croatia & France To Use Home Jerseys in 2018 World Cup Final

Unlike in all of Croatia's previous knockout stage matches, the country will wear their famous white and red checkered kit (It is the second tim that Croatia will use their home kit). France will wear all-navy, just as in the semi-final (It is the first time that France will wear a kit combination for the second time in the 2018 World Cup.)

Hugo Lloris will wear all-yellow, while Croatia's keeper Stipe Pletikosa will wear all-green.

Belgium & England To Use Away Jerseys in 2018 World Cup Match For 3rd Place

In less important but nevertheless interesting 2018 World Cup kit news, both Belgium and England will wear their away kits in the 2018 World Cup match for 3rd place.

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