FIFA Fined England For Three Players Wearing 'Unauthorized Socks'

Around one week ago, we reported that FIFA fined The Swedish Football Association because Granqvist had been wearing non-allowed TruSox in Sweden's 2018 World Cup matches. Some days ago, FIFA punished another federations because their players wore 'unauthorized socks' - England.

Sweden's Granqvist To Be Fined £50,000 by FIFA Because of Socks

The English FA was hit with a $70K fine by FIFA as Dele Alli, Eric Dier and forward Raheem Sterling were spotted wearing branded ankle support socks over their official Nike-branded socks during England’s 2-0 quarterfinal win over Sweden. The socks the players were seen wearing were TRUsox, non-slip performance socks that are famously worn by Uruguay’s Luis Suarez and Welsh Real Madrid star Gareth Bale.

In both cases, FIFA stated that the fine was for “breaching media and marketing regulations and the FIFA equipment regulations.”

"FIFA had previously requested the Football Association to cease the activity that led to the sanction. In particular, several members of the English national team continued to display unauthorised commercial branding on playing equipment items before and during the quarterfinal match between Sweden and England."

Other teams were also fined in the 2018 World Cup - Russia €8,500 for a neo-Nazi banner, Mexico €8,500 for homophobic chanting, Sweden €60,000 for `unauthorised sock brand' and Croatia €60,000 for allowing players to consume non-official-sponsor beverages on camera.

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