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Stunning Lazio 18-19 Home Kit Released

Lazio and its kit supplier Macron just launched the brand-new 2018-2019 home uniform, which introduces a stunning look inspired by the club's heritage and tradition.

Lazio 18-19 Home Kit

This is the Macron SS Lazio 2018-2019 home jersey.

Lazio's 2018-19 home shirt brings back the iconic and hugely popular 'flag' design with its futuristic eagle print on the front.

The Lazio 2018-2019 home jersey is divided into a white upper and a sky blue lower part, with the eagle appearing just between the two in dark blue. It features a sky blue polo collar with the writing "Noi l’amiamo e per lei combattiamo" (We love you and we fight for you) on the inside.

'SS Lazio 1900' is printed on the upper back of the new home kit, just below the collar.

Sky blue shorts and socks, the latter with a horizontal white stripe and the writing 'SS Lazio 1900' on the calf, complete the Lazio 18-19 home kit.

Lazio 18-19 Goalkeeper Kit

This is the new Lazio 2018-19 goalkeeper home shirt.

The Lazio 2018-2019 goalkeeper jersey is based on the same template. Predominantly black, the eagle graphic is light blue to create a unique and classy design that would work great as an alternative player jersey as well.

What do you think of the Lazio 2018-19 kits by Macron? Drop us a line below, and check out the Kit Overview to see all of next season's jerseys.