Exclusive Pics: Nike Produces Two-Star France Shirts to Be Ready on Monday

France could add a second star to its jersey in the case they win the 2018 World Cup final against Croatia on Sunday. As reported by radio station France 1, Nike has already begun producing France shirts with two stars to have them ready to be sold as early as Monday.

We can confirm this and have furthermore obtained a picture that shows one of the shirts, thanks to our reader Presko for that!

According to our info, Nike has produced 20,000 of these France shirts and they'll be available to buy on Monday or Tuesday, depending of course on the result of the final.

Back in 1998, when France won it first World Cup, it took then-supplier Adidas a whole week to get the updated shirts ready for sale. When France last reached the final, Adidas commented that they would only start thinking about the jersey with two stars after the result. In the end, Italy won and Adidas didn't have to do anything.

Did they jinx it now? Let's hear your thoughts on this story in the comments below.