Insane? Mexican Liga MX Player Wears No. 306 - Here Is Why

In the Liga MX match between Club Queretaro and Lobos BUAP on Sunday, one of our followers wondered why a player was wearing the shirt with number 306 on the back. Let us find out why he Queretaro's player Marcel Ruiz and other players in the first Mexican league are wearing such unusual three digit numbers.

Promoted Youth Players in Liga MX Wear Three Digit Numbers

The reason for players in the Liga MX wearing a three digit number is actually quite simple. Liga MX forces all players, who play at the club, to be given a permanent number. This includes players from the second team, the U-20, U-17, U-15, and U-13 sides, which all play simultaneous championships. For example, if your number one goalkeeper choses the number 1, no one else at the club is allowed to use that number.

Players from the second squad will have a three digit shirt number starting with the number two. The younger the player, therefore, the higher his shirt number will be. The reason for Liga MX for this policy is the easier registration process. It should also make it easier to identify players.

Other players who wore three digit shirt numbers in the past Edson Álvarez, Diego Barbosa and Jorge Sánchez. If a player is registered for the first team, he gets a number between 1 and 99.

Do you know other Liga MX player who are using a three digit number currently? Share your thoughts in the comments below.