Nike Football Kits Now Almost Cost Just a Third of The Price in Turkey Then In The Rest Of The World

The Turkish Lira is in freefall since a few days. This also affects the prices of football kits in Turkey, which now cost much less in Turkey than they do in other countries.

Football Kits Relatively Get Much Cheaper In Turkey Because Of Turkish Lira

The FC Barcelona 18-19 kit is available for 249 Turkish Lira on Nike's Turkish website, which converts to 35 USD. The Nike FC Barcelona 18-19 kit costs fans 90 USD in the United States.

In fact, the kits of Turkish teams such as Galatasaray are even cheaper in Turkey. Nike is selling the Galatasaray 2018-2019 home replica kit for just 189 Turkish Lira, which converts to 24 Euro. It costs fans in Germany 85 Euro.

It is nothing new that football kits are cheaper in Turkey than in other countries. Turkish football kit expert @esvaphane in March 2018 already made an infographic of how much a football kit costs in different countries, with soccer jersey most expensive in Iceland and most cheap in Turkey.

It is very likely that Nike will adjust the prices in Turkey soon.

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