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Real Madrid Still Got It Wrong - FC Barcelona & Real Madrid 'Fix' La Liga Font

La Liga kicked off this weekend. If you watched the matches involving FC Barcelona (against Alaves) and Real Madrid (against Getafe), you might have noticed that the arch rivals were wearing different looking versions of the league-wide La Liga kit typeface. Thanks to @PedroMayo25 for the hint.

via @PedroMayo25

Last season, LaLiga introduced a streamlined kit font. However, both FC Barcelona and Real Madrid did not wear correct versions of the La Liga font.

FC Barcelona Wears Correct Font, Real Madrid Wears Font Without Madrid Logo

The La Liga font worn by FC Barcelona and Real Madrid are both based on the league-wide font, quuite logically. However, whereas the Barcelona font comes with the club's crest on the bottom and holes for ventilation, Real Madrid's font does not feature a club logo and no ventilation holes. It is still more correct than the font used by them last season.

Other La Liga teams such as Huesca and Sevilla wore correct La Liga fonts with their logo on the bottom. Their kit numbers did not feature the holes of Barcelona's typeface, however.

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