Barcelona 19-20 Home Kit Design Leaked

Update: Leaked images of FC Barcelona's lifestyle collection for 2019-2020 confirm that Barcelona will wear a checker design next season. Stay tuned for more!

Update: We've obtained the first official bits of info on the Barcelona 2019-20 home kit, specifically colors. Whereas the blue and red tones used are identical to this season's, there's a change to a less golden yellow, from 'University Gold' to 'Varsity Maize'. We've visualized it below.

Additionally, we have heard that the Barcelona 2019-2020 home kit could be launch even earlier than this season's was, before May. This seems unlikely at first, but we'll keep an eye on it to see if it remains as it is.

Update: Sport's Joan Vehils has provided us with more details and pictures on the upcoming Barcelona 19-20 home kit. The shorts will be blue and the socks will feature checkers, mirroring the look of the jersey. This will certainly be one of the most interesting and controversial kits next season.

According to Vehils, whist his paper's sketch looks questionable, the final kit will be "spectacular". He cites the 2015-16 hooped shirt as an example - heavily criticized prior to its release, it ended up being the most sold in history, he says.

The design of Barcelona's 2019-20 home kit design has leaked and it's an absolute shocker. According to local paper Sport, the Barcelona 19-20 home shirt was recently approved by the club and features a checker design similar to Croatia's.

Barcelona 19-20 Home Kit

This draft shows the base design of the Nike FC Barcelona 2019-2020 home jersey.

The Barcelona 2019-20 home shirt boasts a checker design for the first time in club history. Very much like the iconic Croatia home shirt, the Barcelona 19-20 shirt features red and blue checkers on the front, and solid blue sleeves.

A Catalan flag detail appears on the upper front of the Barcelona 2019-2020 home kit, just below the neckline. It remains to be seen how the back of the Barcelona 2019-20 jersey will look like.

Only small changes are expected to be made before the Barcelona 19-20 kit will go into production, which will be at least six months before it's expected date of May 2019.

In terms of reliability, it has to be said that Sport was previously right about other Barcelona home shirt designs, also well in advance, e.g. the hooped 2015-16 shirt. We have not yet received any info on 2019-20 kits in general or Barcelona in specific and therefore cannot confirm it at this point.

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