MLS Player Laces Up In Camouflaged Adidas Nemeziz 17 Boots

New England Revolution athlete Cristian Penilla stood out last weekend, wearing a camouflaged Adidas Nemeziz 17 version. Thanks to @bootsculture for the hint. What is this all about?

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Cristian Penilla wears camouflaged Nemeziz 17 football boots

Cristian Penilla's one-of-a-kind orange and black Adidas Nemeziz 17 cleats.

Penilla's boots are not even remotely similar to any regular version of the Adidas Nemeziz 17 football boots, even though they boast the remarkable design of the orange and black Adidas Nemeziz 17 boots colorway.

In fact, Penilla's cleats are identical to the normal version of the Nike Mercurial Vapor 360 cleats, except that the boots have been painted according to the orange / black Nemeziz 17 football boot model.

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Interestingly, the MLS only allows players to wear Adidas football boots, if they don't have a contract with another brand. Therefore, we suppose that Penilla was forced by Adidas and MLS to create his extraordinary camouflaged Nemeziz 17 football boots to fulfill the needs.

What do you think? Did Penilla do the customization on his own? Leave your thoughts in the comments down below.