Crazy Purple Manchester City 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt Leaked

Following up on our leak from earlier this month, we have another pre-match shirt from the inaugural Puma Manchester City collection for you today.

Puma Manchester City 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt

This picture shows the purple and sky blue Puma Manchester City 2019-2020 pre-match shirt.

Based on the same template as the other one, this Puma Manchester City 2019-20 pre-match jersey is predominantly purple with a sky blue graphic appearing on the front and white logos.

It has a round collar, which sees the graphic feature on the front part, while the sides and back are solid purple - just like the back and most of the sleeves and shoulders.

'Training Kit+' is printed in the sponsor slot on the front of the Puma Manchester City pre-match top. However, we believe this is a Puma tag rather than an actual company and will not be included in the sold jerseys.

Manchester City 19-20 Pre-Match Shirt

Just like the black and peach one, the purple and sky blue used on this Manchester City 19-20 pre-match shirt could hint at some of the colors used on the club's match kits for next season. At least this season, Puma's Stadium jerseys for the likes of Arsenal, Dortmund or Milan followed this scheme.

The Manchester City 19-20 Stadium shirt is set to be launched in July 2019.

What do you think of this purple pre-match shirt for Manchester City by Puma? Comment below, and check out the 2019-2020 Kit Overview as well.