Galatasaray 19-20 Away Kit Leaked - 2 New Pictures

Update: Two new pictures of the Galatasaray 19-20 away shirt were shared by @ensakalin and @cankamilglu.

The first picture of Galatasaray's new away uniform has appeared online via @ClubRegista, confirming the classic-inspired look.

The Galatasaray 2019-2020 away kit will be released shortly.

Galatasaray Nike 19-20 Away Kit

This is the Galatasaray 19-20 away shirt, made by Nike.

Galatasaray's new 2019-2020 away football shirt is beige ('desert ore') with a dark red collar with orange trim and dark red sleeve cuffs.

The same color is also used for the Swoosh and the four stars above the club badge on the left chest of Galatasaray's new 2019-20 away jersey, which otherwise doesn't feature any bold graphics or trim.

Galatasaray's new 19-20 away football shirt will be launched shortly.

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