Next Decade Designs - The Future Of Football Kits- 9 Kits From 2020 To 2033

Wednesday, 1 January 2020
Update: It is finally 2020. This not only means the start of a new year but also of a new decade. We therefore decided to again look at an amazing project in that designers gave us an idea of what they expect for football kits in the 2020s. We will see how good their guesses were in some years....

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Italian magazine NSS Mag asked three football kit graphic designer to imagine how futuristic football kits will look like. The result are nine concept jerseys that project how Tottenham's kits could look like until 2033.

Around one month ago, Nike and Tottenham signed a record agreement extension until 2033. The designers LOSDEJOS, Rupertgraphic and Matteo Caputo have created three shirt concepts respectively, trying to imagine how the Spurs jersey will change during the next 15 years of their deal with Nike.

2020/2021 by LOSDEJOS

LOSDEJOS' 2020/2021 concept kit is an homage to the retro horizontal stripes, with a special stipple gradient that refers to the late 80s and the crest in the middle of the chest.

2022/2023 by Rupertgraphic

Rupertgraphic's 2022/2023 concept kit takes inspiration from the 8-bit world.

2024/2025 by LOSDEJOS

In the future, there won't be no "wires", but organic yarns that can conduct electricity, etc. The connectivity allows for the coaching staff to get real-time stats for performance and also health. LOSDEJOS' got inspired by what today seems far away.

2025/2026 by Matteo Caputo

Matteo's 2025/2026 jersey merges three kits (Nike 1994, 2002 and finally the fantastic Total 90) into a single concept shirt.

2028/2029 by Rupertgraphic

AThis kit is clear tribute to the Nike uniforms of the 1990s and especially BVB's 1994-95 kit. The sponsor mix is a reference to the 17/18 kit of AS Velasca.

2029/2030 by Matteo Caputo

Matteo Caputo's Spurs concept for 2029-30 is not revolutionary. It boasts a large Swoosh on the front and combines Spurs' white and navy with Volt.

2031/2032 by Rupertgraphic

Inspired by the running world, customized long sleeves and face/neck protection are part of Rupertgraphic's Spurs 2031-32 Nike kit. In addition to the original badge are added some classic symbols.

2032/2033 by LOSDEJOS

LOSDEJOS 2032-33 Tottenham jersey concept features three different designs - Depending on how much the consumer pays, the graphics are unlocked so that the consumer has one, two, three or more jerseys in one shirt. Because in the future, the sponsors, colors, graphics etc. will all be animated.

2019/2020 by Matteo Caputo

Matteo Caputo's 2019/2020 Tottenham concept features elements inspired by the history of the club's city while also being modern. It comes with the classic Tottenham logo with unique golden details.

How do you think Tottenham's kit will look like in 15 years? Let us know in the comments below.
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