Adidas Flamengo 2019 Pre-Match Shirt Released

The Flamengo 2019 pre-match shirt introduces a modern design based on the new Adidas pre-match template, the one we've already seen used for the brand's other 'elite' clubs.

Flamengo 2019-20 Pre-Match Shirt

This is the new Adidas Flamengo 2019-2020 pre-match top.

The Adidas Flamengo 2019 pre-match jersey is predominantly red with black logos and a bright orange stripe pattern.

Based on the same template as the other Adidas pre-match shirts, the new Flamengo jersey is made of recycled Parley material. This is also evident by the 'For the Oceans' tagline on the inside neck.

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Current Flamengo pre-match shirt

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