Coming Soon: Nike 2019 Women's World Cup USA, France, Brazil, England + More Kits & Info Leaked

Monday, 11 February 2019
With the Women's World Cup on the horizon, Nike is set to launch women's exclusive kits for its competing teams shortly. According to our info, the first Nike 2019 Women's World Cup football shirts are set to be released this month ahead of debuts in the upcoming internationals.

So far, only the USA away kit has been leaked, revealing a pretty interesting design that combines red, blue and white with an all-over graphic print. This type of print is set to feature on most, if not all Nike 2019 Women's World Cup jerseys as per the info that surfaced so far.

Today we also have previously unshared details about the Australia and Norway kits for you.

USA Home

USA 2019 Women's World Cup Home Kit

USA Away

USA 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Away Kit

France Home

France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Home Kit

France Away

France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Away Kit

England Home

England Away

England 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Away Kit

Brazil Home

Brazil 2019 Home Kit

Brazil Away

Brazil 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Away Kit

Besides the giants, Nike will release new kits for the Australia, Netherlands and Norway women's national teams. In the case of these teams, we don't know for sure yet whether there'll be new away kits as well.

Netherlands Home

Netherlands 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Home Kit

Australia Home

Australia's 2019 Women's World Cup home kit will be mainly 'pro green'. Since the 2018 World Cup away kit was also green, we'll probably either see the home from last year used as alternative or a brand-new one.

Norway Home

The Norway 2019 Women's World Cup shirt will be predominantly red with navy and white.

Finally, there are a few more Nike teams qualified for the competition, amongst them Canada, who signed a deal with the Swoosh in December, and are set to unveil brand-new kits shortly.

There's also Chile, China, New Zealand, Nigeria, South Africa and South Korea, but we don't have info on any of these. It's likely that we'll mostly see the kits that were already used before for these.

Are you looking forward to seeing the full Nike lineup for the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup? Drop us a line below.
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