Small Kit Suppliers Gain Space - Very Interesting UEFA 2018-19 Kit Study Released

Friday, 8 February 2019
A new UEFA study analyzed all financial aspects of the first divisions of the 54 UEFA member countries. The report reveals which kit suppliers and which sponsor industries have the largest presence in Europe in the 2018-2019 season.

Adidas, Nike, Macron & Joma 4 Leading Kit Suppliers in Europe

According to the report, there are 62 different suppliers in the elite leagues of the 54 UEFA members. While it is no surprise that Nike (18%) and Adidas (16%) have the largest market share, we did not expect that Joma (10%) and Macron (9%) follow next. PUMA has a market share of 7%, while all other suppliers together (57 in total) have (only) 40% market share in Europe.

Of the 62 sports brands, only 11 have a presence in ten or more leagues. They are them: Nike (47), Adidas (44), Macron (32), Joma (31), PUMA (23), Hummel (17), Umbro (16), Jako (15), Legea (13), Kappa (10) and New Balance (10).

Financial Sponsors Most Popular In Europe

The study also provided information on kit sponsorship of the first division clubs of the 54 UEFA member countries. The financial and retail sectors are the ones that most use the shirts of European teams to put their brands, with 14% each. Gambling sponsor are, however, most popular in England (Premier League) and Spain (La Liga).

Betting companies, material goods, tourism, airline and automotive companies, professional services (technology, business and logistics), energy, construction and real estate, telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and others (government companies and NGOs) also appear.

Are you surprised that Macron & Joma each make the kits for around 30 teams, while Adidas and Nike each make them for around 45 teams? Share your thought in the comments below and see the full report on UEFA's website.
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