Worse Than Ever? Adidas 2019 MLS Authentic vs Replica Kits

The 2019 Major League Soccer season will kick off on March 2 2019. League-wide supplier Adidas released one new jersey for each club, including many awesome looking kits. If you are intending to buy the jersey of your favorite club or one you especially liked, you have to be aware that the jersey you wanted to buy will not look like the one worn by the players - the reason for that is that the authentic and replica MLS jerseys are very different.

Authentic and replica kits have been very different in MLS since several years. This year, it could be even worse than before, at least the latest launches let conclude that.

Adidas Major League Soccer 2019 Replica vs Authentic Soccer Jerseys

The authentic & replica Adidas 2019 MLS kits do not have minor differences but remarkable dissimilarities. The replica versions of most kits come without details on the collar and the sleeve cuffs, which heavily changes he aesthetic of the kit.

In example, the new Minnesota United FC replica kit comes without the sky blue details on the collar and the sleeve cuffs - both are just white.

Other differences between the authentic (player issue) and the replica shirts are the special team tag on the lower left as well as the MLS badge on the sleeve (only part of authentic jersey - some team's jerseys have it on both jerseys, e..g Red Bulls). The badges and the Three Stripes on the kits are heat printed (authentic) / stitched (replica).

The authentic and replica jersey versions of teams from Europe and other countries except the USA (Major League Soccer) do not feature such big differences, luckily.

The authentic Adidas MLS 2019 jerseys retail at a price of 120 USD, while the replica kits are available for 85 USD.

What do you think of MLS replica jerseys being so different to the authentic jerseys? Let us know in the comments below.