15 Match Worn 1990s Goalkeeper Gloves | Closer Look

Goalkeeper glove collector Rob Stokes has given us a look at 15 goalkeeper gloves of the 1990s, revealing that the most important work equipment for goalkeepers has evolved a lot in the past 30 years.

Rob Stokes is author of the Goalkeeping Book “GLOVE STORY”, released in 2017. He has been collecting goalkeeper gloves since several years.

1990s Goalkeeper Gloves

The goalkeeper gloves shown off by the collector are all not brand-new. Some of them have been already worn by famous goalkeepers. In example, there are two Reusch goalkeeper gloves of Peter Schmeichel as well as some classic Adidas Finger Save gloves.

Unlike as it is the case with football boots, where the big manufacturers heavily dominate the market, there are much more different brands in the goalkeeper game that are actually worn by professionals. Nike was no important player of the goalkeeper gloves market in the 1990s - they made the gloves for very few famous keepers, including Kasey Keller.

Nike Kasey Keller keeper gloves

Interestingly, Adidas brought back three of their classic goalkeeper gloves in 2015 with the 'Adidas History Pack'. The remakes of the gloves did only feature the visual design and not the tech of the classic gloves.

Adidas 'History Pack
Casillas and Cech Debut Adidas 'History Pack

What do you think of these goalkeeper gloves? Would you like brands to re-release exact remakes of goalkeeper gloves of the 1990s? Let us know in the comments below and get the 'Glove Story' goalkeeper book.