Adidas Conext Levain 2019 J-League Cup Ball Revealed

Having kicked off the 2019 tournament earlier this month, the primary cup competition in Japan has received a unique and bespoke match ball, based on the Conext 19 model.

Adidas Conext 19 Levain

This image shows the 2019 Adidas Conext Levain football (via ykyeco)

The new Japan Cup ball is white with red and two distinct, subtle patterns featuring in both areas of the design. It features the logos of Adidas, the competition and the Japan Football Association.

In terms of tech, the Adidas Conext 19 OMB is the same as the Adidas Telstar 18 2018 World Cup ball. The Adidas Conext19 ball features a mono-panel design, with each panel having the same size and shape to provide smooth, even performance.

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