First-Ever Nike Kit With Hidden UV-A Elements - Corinthians 2019-20 Third Kit Released

The Corinthians 2019-2020 third kit was released today. The new Corinthians 19-20 third jersey is Nike's first-ever football kit with UV-A effect elements.

The new Corinthians 2019-20 third kit pays tribute to the invasions of the fans after some of the most important matches in the club's history.

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Corinthians 2019-20 Third Kit

First and most importantly, the Nike Corinthians 19-20 third kit is designed to honor the loyal fans of the club.

The new 2019-20 third kit for Corinthians is black with a unique all-over print. The graphic design is a reference to the invasions of the Corinthian fans in Rio de Janeiro, in 1976 as well as in 2000 and 2012, when the club won the FIFA Club World Cup.

The graphic resembles the corridors of the Corinthians Arena locker rooms, which feature fan illustrations.

The possibly most interesting feature of the Nike Corinthians 2019-20 third kit is an illustration that can be only seen with UV-A light (black light effect). It is the image of one of the fans invasions. The other design parts of the kit also come with the UV-A light effect.

The name of the players is applied in white, as well as the numbering, where another special detail is eternalized: the image of a bus, symbol of the invasions of Rio de Janeiro and other stadiums in Brazil and around the world. The novelty is that an illustration of this symbol can only be checked on the black light effect.

The new Corinthians 19-20 third kit is based on the 2018-2019 third kit models of the brand's top teams.

Fans will be able to customize the shirt with special patches that illustrate each of the three big fan moments of 1976, 2000 and 2012.

Nike also launched other products as part of the 2019-20 third collection for Corinthians.

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