5 Strange Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Boots Appear Online

In less than two months, Adidas will release the next-generation of the Adidas X football boots, the Adidas X 19. Now fakes of the next-generation Adidas X 19.1 soccer cleats have appeared online.

4 Of The 5 Fake Cleats Are No Upcoming Colorways - Fake Adidas X 19.1 Football Boots

The picture that we came across features five different colorways of the next-gen Adidas X 19 soccer shoes. However, while some think that they are showing upcoming colorways, only one of the five fakes is based on an actual upcoming paint job - the white and turquoise one.

Next-Gen Adidas X 19 Leaked

We do not want to waste our time describing the boots extensively. At first glance, they might look quite ok, but a closer look easily reveals that they feature cheap materials and wrong elements.

Ridiculous - Here Is What Can Happen If You Are Buying A Fake Football Kit

Do never buy these fake football boots. They are not worth a penny on won't be good for your feet.

Would you like Adidas to release one of these colorways of the fakes? Let us know in the comments below.