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Cruzeiro To Sign Adidas Kit Deal

Cruzeiro is set to have a new shirt supplier from 2020, according to Brazilian journalist Jaeci Carvalho - Adidas is set to replace Umbro as kit maker of the Brazilian team.

Adidas already had been Cruzeiro's kit maker 30 years ago, from 1985 to 1989. Then, Cruzeiro partnered with Finta (1990 to 1996), Rhumell (1997 to 1998), Topper (1999 to 2005), Puma (2006 to 2008), Reebok (2009 to 2011), Olympikus (2012 to 2014), Penalty (2015 to 2016) and Umbro (2016 to 2019).

Adidas To Become Cruzeiro Kit Maker From 2020

Brazilian news outlet Superesportes MG confirmed the news while also revealing additional information. According to the site, the contract between Adidas and Cruzeiro will have its first expiration in December 2022, with the option of extension until 2025.

The report also states that the current board of directors of Cruzeiro is quite satisfied with Umbro, however assessed that an agreement with Adidas would bring more visibility and acceptance among fans.

According to Superesportes MG, the team proposed to the German brand a business model in which the company would not need to pay a fixed amount, but a percentage in sales of products, and would only provide the kits for the first team. The more the teams sell, the higher the team's profits.

The current contract with Umbro runs until December 2019. In case Cruzeiro would decide to to change kit suppliers immediately, it would have to pay the termination fine, besides giving up the R$ 6 million (~1.5m Euro) that they get from Umbro per year.

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