Overview: All 19-20 Premier League Kits Leaked / Released So Far - Season Kicks Off Today

The Premier League kicks off tonight as Liverpool host Norwich City. Let's take look at all 2019-20 Premier League kits, most of which have already been officially unveiled.

Lots of new 19-20 jerseys got leaked and / or released recently, while a few, most importantly Chelsea's new third, still remain to be revealed.

2019-2020 Premier League Jerseys

While many Premier League 19-20 jerseys have been already leaked / revealed, the possibly most interesting 2019-20 Premier League jerseys are still not fully leaked yet - there are just detailed information about the new jerseys of Arsenal and Manchester City, who will both get new kit makers from Summer 2019 (Arsenal -> Adidas, Manchester City -> Puma).



Inspired by the Adidas Arsenal home kits of the early 1990s, the Adidas Arsenal 2019-20 home kit is red with white sleeves + Three Stripes and navy details trimon the collar and the sleeves.

Best Set Of The Season? Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released - Goodbye Puma


One of the most popular kits of the 2019-20 season, the Arsenal 2019-2020 away kit brings back the iconic 'Bruised Banana' design of the early 1990s.


The Arsenal 2019-20 third jersey is dark blue and has an overall clean, simple look to it.

Arsenal 19-20 Third Kit Released


So, we know very little about said Arsenal fourth kit 2019-20 and can only speculate at this point. We expect to see it released between fall and the end of the year, which would allow it to take full beneit of the holiday season. Design-wise, the Arsenal fourth kit from Adidas should introduce a new and fresh design in a color not seen on the three kits that were released so far. We might see Adidas bring back another of its classics, as the brand so successfully did with the 'Bruised Banana' away.

CONFIRMED: Adidas To Release Arsenal 19-20 4th Kit

Goalkeeper Home

Based on the AdiPro 19 template, the Arsenal 2019-2020 goalkeeper home football shirt is colored in a greenish shade of blue with a tonal 'mountain' print on the front, back and sleeves.

Arsenal 19-20 Goalkeeper Home Kit Released

Aston Villa


Aston Villa's 19-20 home shirt features a very clean look for Kappa's debut.

Aston Villa 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


The Aston Villa 2019-20 away shirt is light blue with claret logos.

Aston Villa 19-20 Premier League Away Kit Revealed


Aston Villa's new 2019-2020 third shirt features a much more unusual look than the 19-20 home and away jerseys - it is forest green with orange logos and black sleeves.

Aston Villa 19-20 Third Kit Revealed

AFC Bournemouth


Bournemouth's new 19-20 away shirt introduces a garish look in navy with white logos, including a monochrome club badge, and pink trim on the back of the collar.

Bournemouth 19-20 Away Kit Released


The bright green base of AFC Bournemouth's 2019-20 third shirt is contrasted by midnight navy trim on the sides of the collar and sleeves, with the latter featuring this season's Umbro 'shattered diamond' graphic in an even brighter shade of blue.

Bournemouth 19-20 Third Kit Released

Goalkeeper Third

Based on the Umbro template, the new AFC Bournemouth 2019-20 goalkeeper third shirt is dark green with white logos.



The new Umbro Burnley 2019-2020 home kit features the club's traditional claret body and sky blue sleeves. Umbro combines the classic colors with white used for logos and the sleeve cuffs. It has a stylized rib-crew neckline, with sky blue sleeves and contrast claret shattered diamond print and panel to sleeves.

No More Puma - Umbro Burnley 19-20 Home Kit Released + Kit & Sponsor Deal Announced


The Umbro Burnley 2019-20 away shirt is light blue with a tonal blue graphic on the chest, inspired by the graphic from the 91-93 home shirt.

Burnley FC 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


Burnley FC's 19-20 third jersey is dark green with black trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs. The logos on the front of the new Burnley 2019-2020 third jersey are white, although the regular, full-color club badge is used.

Burnley 19-20 Third Kit Released + 'Project Evergreen' Launched


Neil Hart, Chief Executive Officer of Burnley FC in the Community, said: “We are delighted to be part of this unique initiative with Burnley FC. The climate crisis is a global emergency, but this is about thinking local and making a change here in our corner of East Lancashire.”

Goalkeeper Home

The 2019-20 Umbro Burnley home kit goes on sale online and in-store on Saturday, July 6.



A very classic look, Chelsea's 2019-2020 away jersey is white with blue and red accents. It has a white polo neck collar and sleeve cuffs with thin red and blue trim.

Chelsea 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Chelsea 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly black with orange and white trim. The logos are white, including a recolored club crest on the right chest.

Chelsea 19-20 Third Kit Released


Just like the regular Chelsea home shirts, the Chelsea 19-20 fourth / cup kit is predominantly blue.

Now Available: Classy Nike Chelsea 19-20 Fourth Cup Kit Released

Crystal Palace


The new Crystal Palace 2019-2020 away football shirt sees return to black, combined with Palace's primary colors blue and red.

Crystal Palace 19-20 Away Kit Released


The new Crystal Palace 19-20 third football shirt is white and features a unique sash design in blue and red, the club's principal colors.

Crystal Palace 19-20 Third Kit Released



A clean look, the new Everton home shirt is blue with white trim on the neck and cuffs, while a graphic pattern is visible on the upper front.

Everton 19-20 Home and Goalkeeper Kits Revealed


The new Everton FC 2019-20 away jersey is predominantly salmon ('living coral'), taking inspiration from the club's first league title-winning season in 1890-91.

Everton 19-20 Away Kit Released


Everton FC's 2019-2020 third football shirt is dark navy / black with purple accents and trim.

Everton 19-20 Third Kit Released


Based on the global Umbro template, the Everton 2019-20 goalkeeper jersey is green with white logos.



The Liverpool 2019-20 away shirt is predominantly white with grayish blue logos, based on the latest New Balance template. The sleeve cuff detail is red and blue.

Liverpool 19-20 Away Kit Released


The New Balance Liverpool 2019-2020 third jersey is dark grey / black with bright teal logos. Based on the new NB template, Liverpool FC's new 2019-2020 third shirt features a bold and eye-catching graphic print on the front.

Liverpool 19-20 Third Kit Released

Manchester City


The Manchester City 2019-20 home jersey is sky blue with purple logos on the front and a purple stripe running down the sleeves.

Manchester City 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Puma Manchester City 2019-2020 away jersey is predominantly black with a peachy pink Puma logo on the right chest and a bright yellow Etihad sponsor patch centered below.

Manchester City 19-20 Away Kit Released


A look that will surely split opinions, the Manchester City 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly yellow ('fizzy yellow') fading towards the peach ('georgia peach') at the bottom, with black accents.

Puma Manchester City 19-20 Third Kit Released

Fourth and 125th Anniversary

The Manchester City 125th anniversary jersey introduces a very classic look in sky blue and white.

Back In Stock: Puma Manchester City 125th Anniversary Kit + Full Collection Launched

Manchester United


The Manchester United 2019-20 Adidas away jersey is predominantly 'linen', which is a brownish green color. Black is used as the main accent color on the Manchester United 2019-2020 away shirt.

Manchester United 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Manchester United 2019-2020 third kit is predominantly black with bright red logos on the chest and tonal 3 Stripes on the shoulders. The Chevrolet writing and the Kohler sponsor print on the left sleeve of the Manchester United third jersey are white.

Manchester United 19-20 Third Kit Released



The new Newcastle United 2019-2020 home jersey features a classic and simplistic design. It comes with two white and one black vertical stripe, the sleeves are also black. It has a white and black crew neck collar.

Newcastle United 19-20 Home Kit Released


Based on the 'Cup Jersey Core' teamwear template, the Newcastle 2019-2020 away shirt boasts a bespoke colorway that's not available in the catalog. It's dark green with black accents and white logos.

Newcastle United 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


The Newcastle United 2019-2020 third jersey is orange with a totally crazy all-over graphic print that could be been lifted straight from a 1990s shirt. In fact, as some have pointed out, it's inspired by the roof of St. James Park. As seen with the Dortmund cup and Gladbach third kits, stadium inspirations are a recurring theme in Puma's 19-20 designs.

Newcastle United 19-20 Third Kit Released



The new Norwich City 19-20 home kit comes in the club’s famous yellow and green. It features a fade pattern that emblazons the lower half of the shirt, both front and back.

Norwich City 19-20 Premier League Home Kit Released


The Errea Norwich 2019-20 away jersey is red - the club's first since 07-08 - with bright yellow logos and trim.

Norwich 19-20 Premier League Away Kit Released


An unusual look, Norwich City's 2019-20 third football shirt is anthracite with white logos and black trim in the form of the collar, which is a traditional buttoned polo type, the cuffs and panels along the sides.

Norwich City 19-20 Third Kit Revealed

Goalkeeper Home

The Norwich 2019-20 keeper home shirt is light blue.

Sheffield United


A clean look, the new Sheffield United home football shirt is red with four white stripes on the front. The Adidas stripes, placed on the shoulders of Sheffield United's new 19-20 home jersey, and the Adidas Performance logo on the right chest are black.

Sheffield United 19-20 Premier League Home & Away Kits Revealed


Based on the Tiro 19 template, the new Sheffield United away football shirt is white with the pattern in light grey and red logos and trim.


The Sheffield United 19-20 third shirts is flu yellow and black, based on the Adidas Condivo 18 teamwear. The only difference to last season's kit is the sponsor - Ramsdens Currency was replaced by USG (Union Standard Group).

Carried Over | Sheffield United 19-20 Premier League Third Kit Released



After last year's gradient design, the Tottenham 2019-20 home shirt features a clean overall look, based on the latest Nike template.

Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Tottenham 2019-20 away shirt is predominantly dark blue with white logos. Interestingly, a subtle purple gradient pattern is running across the top of the chest.

Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Away Kit Revealed


The Nike Tottenham 2019-20 third shirt is predominantly bright blue with navy trim and logos. Once again based on a global theme - this year's is the 1990s - the new Spurs 19-20 third jersey features the classic Nike logo from that era.

Nike Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Third Kit Revealed


Based on the Nike Elite template, Tottenham Hotspur's new 2019-2020 goalkeeper football shirt is turquoise with a tonal geometrical graphic printon the front. All logos are white.

Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released



Following up last season's broad stripes, the Watford 19-20 home kit introduces yet another classic look: halves. The right half of the new Watford 2019-2020 shirt is black, while the left side and the sleeves are yellow.

Watford 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


After last season's Watford away kit was green and light green, the new Adidas Watford FC 2019-20 away jersey is navy with white Three Stripes.

Watford 19-20 Away Kit Revealed

West Ham


The West Ham 2019-20 third football shirt is predominantly dark purple / navy ('evening blue') with a 'broken diamond' jacquard print on the front. Pink trim is used on the new West Ham 2019-2020 third jersey, both on the collar and in the form of small panels on the shoulders.

West Ham 19-20 Third Kit Released



The Wolves 2019-2020 home football shirt introduces a very clean look. It's simply gold with black 3 Stripes along the sides and a overlap v-collar with black trim.

Wolves 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


A more unique design, the Wolves 2019-20 away football shirt is black with a pattern of yellow diagonal pinstripes. The 3 Stripes sit on the shoulders of the new Wolves 2019-2020 away football shirt, also colored yellow, as are the sleeve cuffs.


The Adidas Wolves 2019-2020 third football shirt introduces a Mexico-inspired design, created using the MiAdidas service.

Wolves 19-20 Third Kit Revealed

What's your favorite Premier League 19-20 kit? Comment below, and check out the Kit Overview for more.