Just 6 Home Kits Missing - All 19-20 Premier League Kits Leaked / Released So Far

Update: The home kits of just six Premier League teams have not been leaked or released yet. Madrid-based football kit illustrator Casacas LuchoLasS created a nice graphic featuring all 2019-2020 Premier League home kits.

The 2018-2019 Premier League season is already over. The 2019-2020 Premier League campaign will kick off not before early August 2019 (August 10 2019), but many teams already released / debuted their uniforms - we take a look at the Premier League 2019-20 jerseys that have been already leaked or released.

2019-2020 Premier League Jerseys

While many Premier League 19-20 jerseys have been already leaked / revealed, the possibly most interesting 2019-20 Premier League jerseys are still not fully leaked yet - there are just detailed information about the new jerseys of Arsenal and Manchester City, who will both get new kit makers from Summer 2019 (Arsenal -> Adidas, Manchester City -> Puma).



The Adidas Arsenal 2019-20 home kit will be red with white sleeves and Three Stripes. Navy details trim is on the collar and the sleeves.

Goodbye Puma - Adidas Arsenal 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked


Possibly the most favorite leak of the 2019-20 season so far, the Arsenal 2019-2020 away kit brings back the iconic 'Bruised Banana' design of the early 1990s.


The Adidas Arsenal 2019-20 third shirt is dark blue and yellow.

AFC Bournemouth


The new Bournemouth home jersey introduces a modern look that of course features the club's classic striped look. A subtle twist has been added to through the inclusion of a subtle diagonal striping pattern inside the red stripes.

Bournemouth 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


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The new Brighton 19-20 kit has thinner vertical blue and white stripes than last season. The blue color used looks darker than this season. Nike combines the blue and white stripes with yellow for the Swoosh, with the inside of the blue stripes featuring a subtle pattern.

Nike Brighton & Hove Albion 19-20 Home & Away Kits Revealed


The Brighton 2019-20 away jersey is very simple and clean. It's black with dark grey raglan sleeves and, for the first time in club history features a tonal crest.



The new Umbro Burnley 2019-2020 home kit features the club's traditional claret body and sky blue sleeves. Umbro combines the classic colors with white used for logos and the sleeve cuffs. Even though it is not perfectly visible on the leaked image, the new Burnley 19-20 jersey seems to have a sky blue collar.

No More Puma - Umbro Burnley 19-20 Home Kit Leaked



Just like the two seasons before, the Chelsea 2019-20 home jersey is predominantly 'rush blue' with a white Swoosh. An all-over graphic print, slightly darker than the base of the Chelsea 2019-2020 home shirt, is inspired by Stamford Bridge.

Chelsea 19-20 Home Kit Released


A very classic look, Chelsea's 2019-2020 away jersey is white with blue and red accents. It has a white polo neck collar and sleeve cuffs with thin red and blue trim.

Chelsea 19-20 Away Kit Leaked


The Chelsea 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly black with orange and white trim. The logos are white, including a recolored club crest on the right chest.

Chelsea 19-20 Third Kit Leaked


In the case of Chelsea, the fourth kit will be dubbed the 'cup jersey' and should be worn both in domestic and international cup competitions, similar to what Puma and Borussia Dortmund have been doing for several seasons.

Nike to Release Chelsea 19-20 Fourth Cup Kit


Based on the new Nike 2019 goalkeeper template, which was already used for the 2019 Women's World Cup collections, the new Chelsea jersey is yellow with black logos and a geometrical graphic pattern on the front panel.

Chelsea 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Leaked

Crystal Palace


The new Crystal Palace 19-20 shirt features the club's trademark red and blue stripes, combining them with white accents in the form of the collar and sleeve cuffs. It's the first time that white is used on the Crystal Palace home shirt after a ten-year hiatus and more is present in the form of thin fading stripes inside the blue ones.

Crystal Palace 19-20 Home Kit Revealed

Leicester City


The Leicester City 2019-2020 home jersey is predominantly blue with a subtle checker graphic and gold detailing. Specifically, the Adidas logo on the right chest and the 3 Stripes on the shoulders of the Leicester City 2019-20 shirt are colored in the same shade as the crown of the King Power sponsor patch.

Leicester City 19-20 Home Kit Revealed


Leicester's 19-20 second away kit is based on the Campeon 19 template, which Adidas based on the Germany 2018 World Cup kit.

Leicester City 19-20 Home & 2 Away Kits Revealed


Based on the Tiro 19 template in dark grey and white, Leicester's 2019-20 away shirt introduces a clean look with a very subtle graphic pattern and trim on the collar and in the form of the lateral 3 Stripes.


The Leicester City 2019-2020 home kit was unveiled and released for pre-order on May 7.



Liverpool's 2019-20 home jersey once again features a pretty dark shade of red, while gold is used for the NB and LFC logos on the chest. The Western Union sponsor patch on the left sleeve of the Liverpool 19-20 kit is also gold, whilst the Standard Chartered print is white.

Liverpool 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Liverpool 2019-20 away shirt is predominantly white with grayish blue logos, based on the latest New Balance template. The sleeve cuff detail is red and blue.

Liverpool 19-20 Away Kit Released


The Liverpool 2019-2020 third jersey is dark grey / black with bright teal logos.

Liverpool 19-20 Third Kit Leaked


Based on a very similar template as the home shirt, the Liverpool 19-20 goalkeeper shirt is black with gold trim. All logos, including front sponsor Standard Chartered and sleeve sponsor Western Union, on the Liverpool 2019-2020 goalkeeper home jersey are gold, while the color is also used for the sleeve cuffs.

Liverpool 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released

Manchester City


The Manchester City 2019-20 home jersey is sky blue with purple logos on the front and a purple stripe running down the sleeves. '125 Years' is printed below the club crest on the left chest of the Man City 2019-2020 shirt to commemorate the club's anniversary.

Manchester City 19-20 Home Kit Leaked - New Picture


The Puma Manchester City 2019-2020 away jersey is predominantly black with a peachy pink Puma logo on the right chest and a bright yellow Etihad sponsor patch centered below.

Manchester City 19-20 Away Kit Leaked - Best Pictures Yet


A look that will surely split opinions, the Manchester City 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly yellow ('fizzy yellow') fading towards the peach ('georgia peach') at the bottom.with peach accents.

Puma Manchester City 19-20 Third Leaked

Fourth and 125th Anniversary

The Manchester City 125th anniversary jersey introduces a very classic look in sky blue and white.

Puma Manchester City 125th Anniversary Shirt Leaked - New Pictures

Manchester United


Manchester United's home kit 2019-2020 is predominantly red with black trim on the neck and a black Adidas Performance logo on the right chest.

Manchester United 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Manchester United 2019-20 Adidas away jersey is predominantly 'linen', which is a brownish green color. Black is used as the main accent color on the Manchester United 2019-2020 away shirt.

Manchester United 19-20 Away Kit Leaked - Official Pictures


The Manchester United 2019-2020 third kit is predominantly black with bright red logos on the chest and tonal 3 Stripes on the shoulders. The Chevrolet writing and the Kohler sponsor print on the left sleeve of the Manchester United third jersey are white.

Manchester United 19-20 Third Kit Leaked - Release Date Leaked


The Adidas Manchester United 2019-2020 goalkeeper jersey is based on the AdiPro 19 template, albeit in a custom purple and pink colorway that's not offered in the catalog.

Manchester United 19-20 Goalkeeper Kit Released



The new Newcastle United 2019-2020 home jersey features a classic and simplistic design. It comes with two white and one black vertical stripe, the sleeves are also black. It has a white and black crew neck collar.

Newcastle United 19-20 Home Kit Released


Inspired by the roof of the St. James' Park, the Newcastle 2019-20 away jersey is orange with navy and features a 1990s-esque all-over pattern print.

Newcastle United 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Leaked


Newcastle's 2019-2020 third shirt is another interesting one. Although it's based on a template, it comes in a bespoke color scheme and features a slightly different graphic than the base model.



The new Norwich City 19-20 home kit could feature a zig-zag pattern similar to the AS Roma 19-20 home kit and the new Hearts Umbro 2019-20 home strip (Zig-Zag like AS Roma, used on kit similar to Hearts).

Norwich City 19-20 Premier League Home Kit Teased?



The Southampton 2019-2020 home jersey combines thick red and white stripes with lots of black. The accent color is used for the entire shoulder part of the design, as well as the pretty massive sleeve cuffs, which also feature white detailing. Otherwise, the sleeves are solid red.

Southampton 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Revealed


Based on the the same template, the Southampton 19-20 away shirt is predominantly dark grey with yellow.


Southampton's 19-20 third kit is also based on the same template. The base of the shirt is white, while the striping inside the shoulder panel is navy on red. The same two colors are also used for the sleeve cuff construction on the Southampton 2019-2020 third shirt.


The Under Armour Southampton 19-20 goalkeeper kits are pale blue and pink.



After last year's gradient design, the Tottenham 2019-20 home shirt features a cleaner overall look, based on the latest Nike template.

Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Home Kit Leaked - Full Look Leaked?


The Tottenham 2019-20 away shirt will be predominantly dark blue with white logos and, interestingly, purple accents. On top of that, it will feature iridescent logos similar to PSG's third in the 2016-17 season.

Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Away Kit to Feature Iridescent Logos


The Nike Tottenham 2019-20 third shirt will be predominantly bright blue with navy trim and logos. Just like this season and last, the Tottenham Hotspur 2019-2020 third kit will be based on a global template by Nike.

Nike Tottenham Hotspur 19-20 Third Kit Design + Socks Leaked - Inspired by New Stadium



Following up this season's broad stripes, the Watford 19-20 home kit introduces yet another classic look: halves.

Watford 19-20 Home Kit Revealed

West Ham


The West Ham United 2019-20 home shirt brings a new look for the club, coloring the upper portion of the body as well as the sleeves in blue.

West Ham 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


The West Ham United 2019-2020 away jersey is white and boasts an overall clean look.


Fans can pre-order the official 2019-20 Umbro West Ham home and away kits from today. It will go on sale in stores on Thursday 13 June.

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