Bayern München Stop Talks With BMW, Set To Sign 1 Billion Euro Audi Deal + Audi To End Barca & Other Football Sponsorships

According to reports from several German newspapers, Bayern Munich will not make the rumored switch to BMW anytime soon. The Bavarians had been talking about a deal with the Munich-based automaker BMW for some time now, but current sponsors Audi upped their offer to a point where it was no longer viable for BMW to compete.

Audi To Sign New 1 Billion Euro, 12-Year Bayern Munich Deal

BMW were poised to take over Audi’s 8.33% ownership stake in the club as well as the current car sponsorship of Audi. The deal was supposed to amount to a total of 800m Euro over 10 years. However, Audi have now fired back with a mammoth one billion euro deal spread over a period of 12 years.

According to kicker, the deal is structured as a 60 million euro yearly payment plus additional extras, that should bring up the total to around 83m a year. Audi will remain Bayern's sponsor until at least 2030.

Meanwhile, German media are reporting that Audi is set to ditch most of their other sponsorships in football. This includes the deals with Bundesliga clubs like Gladbach and Augsburg and possibly also the sponsorships with internationals giants like FC Barcelona and Real Madrid. Audi did already not renew their deal with AC Milan.

FC Barcelona to Ditch Audi Sponsor

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