Puma Does Not Want To Sign Kit Deal With Because of Treatment Of Adidas

On May 20 2019, the president of the Spanish Football Federation (RFEF), Luis Rubiales, announced in a statement on their website that it will terminate its contract with Adidas, which usually would be valid until the 2026 World Cup.

Spain Kills Adidas Kit Deal

In addition to the announcement that the deal with Adidas would be terminated, The RFEF also opened the game for other brands who could contact the federation in order to find a agreement about a deal with Spain. Now Spanish newspaper El Confidencial reports that Puma would not want to sign a deal with RFEF because of their treatment of Adidas.

Rome Does Not Pay Traitors - Puma Does Not Want To Sign Deal With Spain

Picture via mantosdofutebol.

According to El Confidencial, it would be normal that "Puma, after seeing the treatment of Adidas, metaphorically speaking would leave the table and not want to know anything about the RFEF. The newspaper recalls the saying "Rome does not pay traitors" to understand why.

Spain Contacted Zara & Puma To Replace Adidas As Kit Maker

The newspaper also says that "It is clear that with this announcement Rubiales has shot himself in the foot".

At the same moment, Adidas reported that "the contract has been carried out by both parties in a friendly manner and there is no reason to justify the resolution that RFEF intends", so the multinational expressed its "intention" to keep the agreement signed until the end of the agreed period and, "if necessary,take whatever measures are necessary to defend its rights . "

Adidas and Puma has been arch rivals since the Dassler brothers parted ways 70 years ago to establish their own companies - Adidas (founded by Adi Dassler) and Puma (founded by Rudolf Dassler).

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