LEAKED: Germany Euro 2020 Away Kit to Introduce Stealth Look

We have obtained new details on Germany's Euro 2020 away kit, which could introduce a spectacular 'stealth' look for the team.

Made by Adidas, the Germany Euro 2020 away kit will be released in March 2020, ahead of the first international window of the year. The home will be released in November 2019.

Germany Euro 2020 Home & Away Kits Info Leaked

Germany Adidas Euro 2020 Away Jersey

This image shows the possible colors of Germany Euro 2020 away kit.

We've been able to confirm that Germany's Euro 2020 away football shirt will feature a 'black / carbon' color scheme, which strongly points at a stealth look.

The Germany Euro 2020 away football shirt will be predominantly black, while - with Adidas - the second color indicates that color used on the brand's trademark 3 Stripes. It's not yet 100% clear which color the Adidas and DFB logos on the chest of Germany's new away shirt will have, with both the dark grey 'carbon' and white being a real possibility.

We have obtained pictures of two items from the Adidas Tango lineup that feature the same 'black / carbon' color scheme as Germany's new away jersey: one features almost 'blackout' logos, while the Adidas mark on the other is white.

What's highly likely is that we'll see a pattern of sorts in dark grey on the new Germany 2020-2021 away shirt.

This immediately reminded us of the 2002 World Cup away, which combined two shades of grey with white logos - although the overall color scheme was much lighter back then.

We've also been able to confirm that black shorts and socks will complete the new Adidas Germany Euro 2020 away uniform. The player names and numbers will be white in either case.

The Adidas Germany Euro 2020 away kit will be released in March 2020.

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