Eredivisie 19-20 Kit Overview

Let's take a look at all Eredivisie 19-20 kits that have been released and / or leaked so far, including PSV, Vitesse, Ajax and Feyenoord.



The Ajax 2019-20 shirt boasts the club's trademark look of a red stripe on white ground, adding black trim to the collar and sleeve cuffs. The black was added as a tribute to the flag of Amsterdam, just like the three Xs on the inside neck.

Ajax 19-20 Home Kit Released


The Adidas Ajax 19-20 away kit is khaki and orange, base don the Adidas Stripes 19 template - this color scheme is not available in the catalog, however.

Ajax 19-20 Away Kit Released

AZ Alkmaar


Produced by Under Armour, the AZ 19-20 home shirt is inspired by the city of Alkmaar. In addition to the traditional red and white AZ colors, the fort from the city coat of arms is also visible in the form of an all-over pattern. The Alkmaar flag can be found in the collar.

AZ Alkmaar 19-20 Home Kit Released


A clean look, AZ's new 2019-20 away shirt is black with red white detailing on the front of the collar and above the sleeve cuffs.

AZ Alkmaar 19-20 Away Kit Released



It's the club's trademark look: FC Emmen's 2019-2020 home jersey is red with a broad white center stripe, it's an reverse-Ajax of sorts.

FC Emmen 19-20 Home and Away Kits Released


The same shoulder detail is present on the new FC Emmen away football shirt, which is otherwise black with an interesting horizontal stripe graphic in grey and white. Red accents complete the smart look.



Even more traditional than the one before, the Feyenoord 19-20 shirt boasts the trademark halved look, which now even continues onto the neck and sleeve cuffs. There is no black used anywhere on the shirt apart from the club crest and sponsor.

Feyenoord 19-20 Home Kit Released


Based on the Adidas Tiro 19 template, the new Feyenoord 2019-2020 away kit is clear blue with bright yellow used as accent color and a modern graphic pattern. The V-neck is in dark blue and yellow. The gold-bordered Feyenoord logo on the chest is topped by a golden champions star. According to the club's press release, the graphic pattern "makes it ideally suited as a casualwear item".

Adidas Feyenoord Rotterdam 19-20 Away Kit Released


Home, Away and Third

The Groningen 19-20 home football shirt is white with two broad green stripes which, just like the end part of the sleeves, features a tonal striping pattern.

Groningen 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

ADO Den Haag

Home, Away and Third

The ADO den Haag 19-20 home shirt introduces a stunning look, with two broad yellow stripes and three broad green stripes covering the front, while sloid green sleeves as well as yellow sleeve cuffs top it off.

ADO den Haag 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released



The new Heracles Almelo's new 2019-2020 home shirt features the club's classic contrasting black and white stripes.

Heracles Almelo 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


Heracles's new 19-20 away jersey features a gradient design, transitioning from a dark blue at the top towards a lighter shade of the color at the bottom.

Goalkeeper Home

A striking look, the new the new Heracles Almelo goalkeeper home football shirt is orange with a subtle camouflage pattern.



A very clean look, the PSV 2019-2020 home jersey boasts the club's trademark style of red and white stripes. In total, there are three red and five white stripes on the PSV 2019-2020 home shirt.

PSV 19-20 Home Kit Released


The new PSV 19-20 away kit boasts a contrasting look in black and orange. The modern graphic design on the sleeves is a subtle reference to the flag of the county of Brabant, while the colour orange is the national colour of the Netherlands. The Umbro designers have incorporated the club’s slogan ‘Eendracht maakt macht’ = ‘United We Stand’ in the collar of the shirt. The red and white striped logo is a reference to the first wooden stand from 1916 in the park.

PSV Eindhoven 19-20 Away Kit Released


PSV Eindhoven's new 2019-20 third jersey is predominantly green and inspired by streetwear.

PSV 19-20 Third Kit Released

Sparta Rotterdam


The Sparta Rotterdam 19-20 home football shirt boasts the club's trademark look of red and white stripes in a clean design. The sleeve cuffs and collar of the new Sparta Rotterdam home football shirt share the same red base with two thin stripes running through the center.

Smart: Sparta Rotterdam 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


A smart design, Sparta Rotterdam's 2019-20 away shirt is dark blue with monochrome red logos and subtle detailing on the neck and cuffs.



The new Twente home football shirt introduces a simple design in red and white.

In-House Twente 19-20 Home Kit Released

FC Utrecht


The new Utrecht 19-20 home kit boasts the famous diagonal red and white design of the club. On the back under the collar are the logos of the clubs that merged into FC Utrecht (VV Dos, USV Elinkwijk and Velox).

No More Hummel - Nike FC Utrecht 19-20 Home Kit Released



Featuring the same template as Málaga last season, amongst others, Vitesse's new 2019-2020 home football shirt is yellow with two black stripes on the front and a black v-collar.

Vitesse 19-20 Home & Away Kits Released


Inspired by the 75th anniversary of the Battle of Arnhem, the new Vitesse 2019-20 away jersey is maroon and blue, which are the colors of the British airborne division - although simply based on Nike teamwear.

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