Inspired by Spurs Classic: Quilmes 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released

Quilmes' new 2019-2020 home, away and third jerseys were revealed last night. They are made by Hummel, with the home standing out in particular due to it being inspired by an iconic Spurs classic.

Hummel Quilmes 19-20 Home Shirt

Check out the Quilmes 2019-20 home shirt below.

Quilmes AC's new 2019-2020 home shirt is closely inspired by the iconic 1985-87 Tottenham shirt, also by Hummel. It's white with a chevron pattern on the front, as well as four chevrons running down either sleeves.

The collar and sleeve cuffs of Quilmes' 19-20 home shirt are dark blue, which is a difference from the inspiration.

Hummel Quilmes AC 19-20 Away Kit

This is the new Hummel Quilmes away shirt for 2019-20.

Quilmes AC's new 2019-2020 away football shirt is dark blue with a fading stripes graphic on the chest in royal blue. White logos are used, while the neck, sleeve chevrons and cuffs are also royal blue.

Hummel Quilmes 19-20 Third Kit

This is the new Hummel Quilmes third shirt for 19-20.

Completing the set is Quilmes AC's 2019-2020 third shirt, which is black with silver trim and accents.

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