Ridiculous - LASK Linz 19-20 Champions League Kits Bypass UEFA Kit Rules With 'Clever' Trick

Already in May 2019, we reported about the pretty insane kits of Austrian vice champion LASK (Linzer Athletik-Sport-Klub). Now, just in time for the start of the UEFA Champions League play-off, LASK presented a complete set of Champions League jerseys for the first time in the club's history.

Insane | LASK Linz 19-20 Home, Away & Third Kits Released - Pink Sleeves Because Of Sponsor

The reason for Linz to release special international jerseys is that their usual kits are not allowed due to UEFA's kit rules (they feature pinkish sleeves because of the sponsor BWT). However, that is not all. The kits are made by sponsor BWT (Best Water Technology, an Austrian manufacturer of water treatment systems - they started with a new equipment line for the kit to bypass UEFA rules.

Linz 2019-2020 Home Jersey

The new Linz home jersey combines the club's traditional colors - white with black, used for the pinstripes. It is a much more classic design than the league home kit.

On the left chest is the logo of 'kit maker' BWT, while the logo of beer company Zipfer is on the front. The flag of the club's home region, Oberösterreich, sits in the middle of the chst area.

Linz 2019-2020 Away Kit

For the away kit, this combination of club colors was reversed. The colour black dominates here vice versa, surrounded by discreet white stripes.

LASK 2019-2020 Third Jersey

The new Linz 2019-20 alternative shirt boasts the color pink, which is a 'trademark' color of 'kit maker' BWT.

Linz Keeper Kits

The Champions League edition are available for "very fan-friendly selling price, which could be realized again". € 49 for the adult jerseys and €39 for the children's jerseys. Only the black and pink jerseys are for sale.

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