Palermo 19-20 Home Kit Revealed - Voted By Fans From 6 Options

Update: The results of the Palermo 2019-20 home kit vote were announced. Over 62% of Rosanero fans voted for belows Kappa shirt. The design is pretty simple while featuring a unique touch inspired by the new club logo on the lower left.

Palermo 19-20 Home Kit

Following the revealing of the club's new logo, SSC Palermo have started a fan vote on the 2019-20 home kit, with six different options up for selection.

All-New SSC Palermo Logo Revealed + Kappa Kit Deal

Palermo 19-20 Home Kit - Vote

Below you can see the first three options for the SSC Palermo 2019-20 home jersey.

All kits are based on the same Kappa template, with different graphics appearing on the front. There's a very classic choice, a striped version, as well as a remake of the design from the 73-74 season when Palermo reached the Coppa Italia final.

Next up is another striped option with wider stripes and a half-and-half design. Finally, #6 is totally new, incorporating a stylization of the new club logo.

So far, #6 has raked in by far the most votes at more than 60%.

What's your favorite option for the inaugural SSC Palermo home shirt? Comment below, and submit your vote over on SSC Palermo's website.