Stunning SSC Palermo 19-20 Concept Home, Away & Third Kits by EZ Design

As we await the final results of the official SSC Palermo 19-20 kit vote, which will be known on August 31st, graphic designer EZ Design has created his own versions of the three shirts.

The club's all-new logo provides a strong icon and it's found its way onto all three jerseys here, in varying prominence.

Palermo 2019-2020 Concept Home Jersey

This is the SSC Palermo 2019-20 concept home football shirt.

The Palermo 19-20 concept home football shirt boasts the traditional pale pink and black, with a subtle pattern of the new logo applied all over it.

SSC Palermo 2019-2020 Concept Away Kit

This is the new SSC Palermo concept away football shirt.

Predominantly white, kPalermo's new 19-20 concept away shirt features the rays from the logo as an enlarged print on the front, carrying the club's two principal colors.

Palermo 2019-20 Concept Third Shirt

Check out the Palermo 2019-2020 concept third shirt below.

Very eye-catching, the SSC Palermo 19-20 concept third shirt boasts a large pink version of the badge on the front. It's a design that would definitely not be approved under Serie A or UEFA rules, but it should work fine for club in the fourth-tier Serie D.

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